Your business requires your full attention at all times. It can therefore be challenging to spend time on the upkeep and security of your premises. At the same time, you do not want to ignore your office and property at the cost of anything. Vigilant Pro Private Security (VPPS) is Northern California’s premiere security and patrol services provider and we have been offering reliable security services to companies in California for over 15 years.

Guaranteeing measurable results, VPPS is a renowned security guard company in California. With a strong infrastructure and a diligent workforce, the security experts at VPPS have always managed to exceed the requirements of our clients. We have also been able to provide unmatched satisfaction with our high-quality security services. A security company of international standards, VPPS has been at the forefront of providing customized security solutions to businesses and governmental clients. We have also made a name for ourselves as providers of security services outside of the U.S. As a security guard company in California, our core expertise lies in protecting oil plants. We have also held government security contracts providing security services at ports, airports, hospitals, schools and public municipalities. In the advancement of our firm, we are now also expanding into many different countries, in addition to the United States.

Vigilant Pro Private Security is Northern California’s premiere total security services provider. We have been offering a full spectrum of security services to companies with an emphasis on corporate security programs.

The mission at VPPS is to protect people and property in a manner that they are able to follow their routine chores without a concern for their security. The company as a whole possesses all requisite experience and ability that allows it to help in significantly reducing the occurrence of criminal activity at your business or event venue. We provide security for retail businesses, parking, construction sites, banks, apartments, private events, shopping centers, residential sites, neighborhoods and security patrols, specials events, usher and tickets taker, access control, vehicles patrol commercial sites, foot patrol  and hotels.

Mustafa Alshaif, CEO/President

The CEO and President of Vigilant Pro Private Security, Mustafa Alshaif has attained vast business experience in the retail section, especially with relation to costumer services relationship. He possesses a bachelor’s degree in business management and has been honing his entrepreneurial skills for over 10 years now. He is currently owner of a cell phone retail store across the bay area in California. After having worked as a security officer and supervisor with many companies in California and with 8 years of experience in this field, Mustafa Alshaif has launched VPPS to offer trustworthy security services at cost effective rates.

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