VPS Team

 VPS team comprises a diversely-blended group of individual law enforcement members, military officials and private sector professionals. Each team member has been hand selected after due diligence and has been recruited as a result of their proven ability to perform duties at the highest possible level.

Vigilant Pro Private Security Services is developed enough to have a specific person for every task required. VPS currently has everything covered and feels confident that each task is assigned to a competent member of its management team. The Company will always be sensitive to this issue and prevent any weakness by having and planning a contingency program that overlaps job responsibilities. VPS defines its total work force to protect the success of its business plan. All aspects of the business have been sufficiently analyzed to determine each and every position required to run a fully functioning operation that can complete all of the strategies and programs to be undertaken

Mustafa Alshaif, CEO/President -

Mustafa Alshaif brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this venture, with over 11 years of business management and security experience. He has developed strong relationships with many commercial property owners, contractors and real estate professionals. With these established resources, Vigilant Pro Private Security Services looks to quickly become a market leader in California. Mustafa Alshaif carries a Degree in Business Management, with security experience in the field as a Patrol Officer. He also brings a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and has established resources from successful Wireless retail businesses throughout Bay Area in California.



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