48019_639124856105043_69993876_nAt VPPSS we are always eager to engage security officers who are dedicated and customer oriented. We have a growing team of security officers and we are always looking for the right talent to join VPPS. We encourage people with varied experiences to join our team. As an equal opportunity employer, VPPS subscribes to all State and Federal Civil rights laws related to the industry.

We are looking for strong-minded and amicable security guards. They must beabove 18 years of age and possess all legal certifications required.

If you are looking for a career in the security and guarding industry, then come to VPPS and be a part of our mission to create impenetrable security for our esteemed clients. Requirements for Employment You must have the following :

                                                                                      • Valid registration guard card
                                                                                      • Must be 18 years old
                                                                                      • Employment background history
                                                                                      • Screening and drug test

                                                                                     • Posses a GED or high school diploma
                                                                                     • Authorization documents to work in USA
                                                                                    • Must pass the security training exam
                                                                                    • Criminal background check
                                                                                    • DMV record for patrolling positions
                                                                                    • Must pass the interview by VPPS manger

Print our employment application here.

Then submit by email to (vppss@yahoo.com) 

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