Driving Patrol

Trust Security mobile security patrol officers understand that effective mobile patrolling involves more than driving around in a patrol vehicle. Security officers on mobile security patrols combine foot and mobile security patrol techniques to provide industry leading quality service. Electronic patrol tracking systems constantly monitor mobile security patrol activities. Electronic checkpoints are installed ensure that mobile security patrols are conducted. During patrols mobile security guards complete patrol logs detailing their observations and any incidents that occur during their service. All of our patrol vehicles are uniformed with security decals and vibrant emergency lighting systems to identify it as a security patrol & response unit. Security guards on mobile security patrols drive the patrol vehicles with care and proper driving technique.

Random nightly patrol program

Trust Security services random nightly patrol program security guards does not stay fixed on the same site throughout the patrol shift. Instead, the security guards provide mobile patrols several times over the course a specified time period each night. The guard leaves after each patrol and patrols other sites. During each security patrol tour security guards check for suspicious activity, evidence of foul play and monitors general activity on the site.

Patrols are conducted at random intervals preventing criminals from predicting patrol time and thus protecting sites from criminal activity. This solution provides the appearance of comprehensive security presence while falling within tight budget constraints.

- See more at: http://www.protectedbytrust.com/security-guard-services/mobile-security/#sthash.a4Deu9XH.dpuf

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