Customized Security Solutions

The security programs at VPPSS have been designed with the understanding that each client has unique needs. It would be an honor for us to meet you in person and to discuss how we can provide an affordable, no-nonsense security solution that works best for you.
Because all individuals have different security needs and all properties need to be guarded differently, VPPSS works on a unique security solution for all its clients.
Vehicle Security Patrol
With our fleet of security patrol vehicles, VPPSS partners with clients to offer vehicle security and patrolling services. The patrol vehicles at VPPSS are equipped with two-way mobile radios, CCTV recorders and GPS monitoring. This ensures that the vehicle is sufficiently equipped to ensure safe surroundings. The responses systems available at VPPS ensure that the vehicles and monitoring centers are able to respond to alarms and emergencies at a quick-fast pace.

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