Mission Statment

The Vigilant Pro Private Security Services mission is to offer the most reliable and efficient service to the Bay Area communities and clients against all types of unsecured activities. Vigilant Pro Private Security Services looks to revolutionize the security services industry in the Oakland Metropolitan and surrounding Bay area, with available 24/7 services. Vigilant Pro Private Security Services provides an innovative approach to the industry, placing the client at the center of attention and focusing on every aspect of their needs, with experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable security officer employees.

The mission at VPPSS is to protect people and properties in a manner that they are able to follow their routine chores without concern for their security. The company as a whole possesses all requisite experience and ability that allows it to help in significantly reducing the occurrence of criminal activity at your business or event venue. We provide security for retail businesses, residential, parking, construction sites, industrial, banks, private events, autos industry, shopping centers, residential sites, neighborhoods, specials events, access control, commercial sites, and foot patrol, government facilities, industrial, municipalities, hotels and housing projects as well as crime free watch.

VPPSS offers comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective protective service to meet our critical needs. VPPSS conducting protection for all type of businesses and residential throughout the bay area to accommodate a continuous level of protective services to meet your needs.

We cover a multitude of armed ,patrol and unarmed protective services; alarm system, surveillance system, training, live-scan and background check, we address your security concerns with a dynamic and innovative approach. Our crime prevention expertise will protect your business to increase profits and reduces losses. We believe in working closely with our clients to maximize a successful relationship, while controlling cost.

VPPSS team experience and professionalism is your guarantee of the result oriented Security that addresses your protection needs. We uniquely come by in the compass of range of service of a big agency with the personal attention and focus follow-up of one person protective agency. We adapt our security team to respond and thwart any act before it occurs. VPPSS offer complete range of quality security services and always prepared to discuss your urgent and important needs of security.



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